The city of wonders!

Discover the charm of the ancient city of Pompeii with a small group or a private visit: an exclusive tour to the city of wonders, walking with a licensed local guide specialized in archaeological excavations.

  • Tour lenght: 2 hours
  • Euro 20,00 per person (tickets not included)
    Euro 40,00 per person (tickets included) (free up to 10 years old)
  • Experience Tour in small groups, from 5 to maximum 20 people
  • Special prices for private tours
  • Safe tours
  • Only local guides, specialyzed in Pompeii ruins
  • Tours in italian, english, german
  • Tailor-made Tours to satisfy every visitor’s need
  • Book with us, "skip the line"guaranteed
  • We suggest the official site to purchase your tickets Ticketone
  • Meeting in Piazza Esedra for the four daily Tours (from April to October) con starting at: 10:30 - 12:30 - 14:30 - 16:30
    Two daily tours (from November to March) starting at: 10:30 - 12:30
  • Direct link with tour guides, directions? Where to park? Further info? We’re happy to meet your needs.
  • We’re on here to help you with further info regarding Pompeii o other Campania region sites: don’t hesitate to contact us via phone/whatsapp: +39 347.38.90.383, +39 335.53.31.848, +39 335.84.30.286 , +39 333.28.27.698

Tour description

Gta guide exclusive tour offers the opportunity to visit these places, recently excavated or opened, giving the visitor the thrill of diving into the past and observing the ancient Pompeians during their daily duties: while they dined, played, in loving attitudes. Enjoy the visit to these specific places of unimaginable beauty, decorated with frescoes made with an admirable technical skill: a sign of the high social status of the family that owns the house.

The Gta local guide, archaeological site and the surrounding area’s expert, will make you relive the typical day of the ancient Pompeian, walking trough the square, the Forum, with its many commercial buildings, its temples and municipal buildings.
Relax at the Spa, eat and drink wine in a Caupona, playing a game of dice, and then be catapulted into the world of the domus, where we will learn the customs and habits of the owners: what was their favorite food? What did they do in their free time? How was love in those days?

In a city like Pompei, there were a few industries; the most profitable of these was the textile one, with a production of woolen fabrics. The tour will include a charming and interesting stage, also making us imagine particular "smells" that came from the various stages of processing.

Don’t miss this chance of visiting such magic places, less known and away from mass tourism with a local GTA guide.

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